Secure Families in a Shaky World

Chock-full of homegrown advice, this book is a must-read for every mom, grandma, or mom-to-be who wants to look better, feel better, and perhaps even live longer.   Judy’s back -to-basics approach includes six simple ways to ensure that the home is fertile soil for growing a happy, healthy family.

Steps include:

  • Planning mealtimes that bring families together(includes five easy-to-make recipes!)
  • Reading to your children (with age-appropriate reading suggestions.)
  • Following a simple exercise plan (includes illustrated steps.)
  • Developing a meaningful quiet time.
  • And much more!

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“Few people would deny that we live in a shaky world. From earthquakes and tsunamis, to soul-rattling emotional tremors, our families face unsettling circumstances on every side. We need a strong foundation and author Judy Scharfenberg couldn’t agree more. In her new book, Secure Families in a Shaky World, she outlines six simple action steps for building and maintaining that foundation.

Scharfenberg encourages mothers of all ages through her delightful candor as she shares from a lifetime of experience. As a Christian speaker, wife, mother, grandmother and retired school librarian, she knows what it means to be busy, hurried, pressed and overwhelmed. But she also knows how important it is to hold the family together – especially today – and she doesn’t mind sharing what works and what won’t.

From personal success stories, recipes and meal planning tips, to a simple how-to for exercise or prayer, Scharfenberg weaves her tapestry of health and hope with timeless scriptures that speak to the need of the moment.

Do you need joy in the middle of your day? In Chapter 4, Scharfenberg shares her Checklist for Joy. Here are just a few items from that list, things that even the busiest mom can handle:

  • Mend a quarrel; apologize; ask for forgiveness.
  • Seek out a forgotten friend.
  • Hug someone tightly and whisper, “I love you.”
  • Make or bake something for someone anonymously.
  • Listen. Smile.
  • Speak kindly to a stranger.
  • Turn off the TV and talk (my personal favorite!).
  • Encourage an older person.



“I have read many books like your’s, but I never finished them.  Your book is different.  It has filled my heart with renewed hope, love and seeing my life in a new light.  You my dear, have a way of touching a woman’s heart.  I can’t put it down and I know this is the Christmas present I am giving to family and friends this year.”  Diana, Apple Valley, CA


“I read this book in two days! It is very practical as well as entertaining. I felt like the author was in my living room speaking to me. This book is a must read for all young mothers. Even if you are beyond that stage of life, there are some very practical tips, including exercises you can do in your own home, healthy recipes, and Bible study tips. If you want to read something that will encourage and teach you, I highly recommend this book.”  Alice Bigelow, Wildomar, CA

“As a mom of 3, (one a newborn), a fulltime second-grade teacher, and wife to a busy man, it can be difficult to FIND a book to read, let alone read one! I loved Judy’s book; it was so encouraging and practical. The tips and suggestions were easy to implement. This book is full of wonderful ideas and it will be a great resource for any woman.”   Jennifer Brees, Surprise, Arizona




“This book is a must-read for women seeking spiritual and physical health and balance in their homes and from one who truly understands that you are “the heartbeat of your family.”    Davalyn Spencer,  Colorado Springs, CO

“Before I finished reading my copy, I knew I wanted to buy several to give to family and friends. Judy turns the complicated, balancing act of life into simple, easy-to-do steps. She makes you want to jump up out of your chair and get started. This book is a priceless gem that I’m going to pass on to others. I love it, love it, love it!” 

Lois Edilson, New Harwich, ME


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