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If you would like to schedule Judy to speak
at one of your events you may reach her at:

cell:  951-310-1421

Judy will contact you promptly.


  1. Hi Judy,

    I found you through a comment you left on Sheila Wray Gregoire’s page. I love your write up about yourself! I love the way you lighten it up with funny quips.

    I would love your best advice for being a retreat speaker. I am preparing for my third one and just don’t have confidence in that area yet. I do a lot of workshops, MOPS etc. but those are one or two hours on different topics. The theme-for-the-weekend thing for retreats is hard for me! Also, do you know anyone I can contact in Stonecroft for being a speaker in Washington state? Their website is not at all updated and I never hear back from the folks I’ve contacted! I’ve tried for a year! I would LOVE to go through Stonecroft training and become a speaker with them. Thanks so much for your help! blessings to you, Jill Farris

  2. Hi Jill,

    Hey, thanks for your encouraging words. I do like to laugh.

    Why not email me and I’ll tell you what I know. I’ve spoken for MOPS many times and I do have some contact information for Washington state. I’ll look forward to hearing from you. Are you on FB?


  3. Jennifer Brees says

    Thanks for all you do; you are such an encouragement and support!

  4. Sherryl Cabrera says

    Judy none of your contact info seems to be working im trying everything!!! Please call me 619-843-8486

  5. Peggy Leslie says

    Hi Judy,
    What a long time since we attended a Christian Writers Guild conference together! In fact, what a long time since we’ve seen each other at all.
    Just read your excellent article on Dawns Upgrade blog: “Cultivate Success in a Shaky World.” One suggestion I especially like is “Eat Dinner at the Table,” a habit we kept when our 5 kids were growing up. Though we’re well past that, I’d still love to get the 5 easy recipes you mentioned. Easy is always good, no matter your stage in life!
    Hope to actually SEE you sometime soon.
    God bless you richly today!

  6. Hi Peggy, Yes, it’s been a long time. I am sorry it’s taken me awhile to reply. I’ve been on a sabbatical of sorts and not keeping up. I’m back. 🙂 Thanks for your encouraging words regarding the article. I write a column for a local newspaper here in Temecula and I really love doing that. I’ve had good feedback.

    Thanks so much for your kind words. Take care and hope our paths cross one day. I miss the old days. 🙂

    Much love, Judy

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