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Who Stole My Joy?          

Do you want the truth?  We steal our own joy!  Find out how that happens, why it happens and what we can do about it.  You’ll discover that it is possible to have a joyful heart even during  a trial. Sometimes our trials and burdens are the very things God has placed in our lives so we won’t miss Him.  This is a message with laughter, tears  and practical  advice for women of all ages.   You’ll leave with a plan, the “Keys to a Joyful Heart.”     IMG_0993

Secure Families in a Shaky World

    A fun, informative & interactive message.  Dinner at the table, reading to the children in your life plus a great fifteen-minute exercise plan you can do at home are just three of the six components you’ll learn to help you stay secure in our uncertain world.  Full of innovative ideas, tips and resources, and four very cool door prizes.  Fun and practical.  Guaranteed!!  This is a must for women of all ages.



Secure Marriages in a Shaky World
Judy’s newest talk comes from her 42 years of marriage to her husband Richard.  You will hear about the fairy tale beginning, the reality of day to day coping and struggling and the beauty of surrendering to God.  Judy spent 15 years as a caregiver for her husband after he had a massive stroke.    Judy learned what love really looks like, the kind of sacrificial love that God wants for all of us to have.  She will tell  you, “God turned me into a giver instead of a taker!”  This talk will open your eyes to consider many new things.

What can I Do To Pray More?

Based on the life of Hannah, a fervent prayer
warrior.  Tips on how to pray, how to remember,
will God hear me?  Filled with true and poignant stories
from the  speaker’s life.  A practical journal/scrapbook,
you can personalize, available for purchase at this workshop.woman praying





Everyone Has a Story                   

 We all struggle with the fear of having to share  our testimony for one simple reason.  We’re not prepared and that causes fear.  In this practical workshop you’ll learn why it’s important to have your testimony ready.  At the end of this session you will know how to give  a short and  longer version of your testimony.  As you experience the joy of sharing your story and see how it encourages others, that fear will be long gone.      IMG_1835


Going With the Flow;
even when life takes unexpected turns.

Have you ever asked God, “Why me?  Why did you allow this trial in my life?”  It’s natural to question difficult and painful circumstances, but did you know that God often uses trials to accomplish His purpose?   This practical and interactive workshop will help you change your perspective toward hardships and give you steps so you can face difficulties with joy, peace, even expectancy.


Mom, the Unsung Heroine.busy mom and kids 2

I did the math – Did you know that after fifteen years, a mother of three has washed at least 5,475 loads of laundry?  She’s fixed 10,950 meals?  She’s packed 12,105 lunches and wiped noses at least 14,600 times?  And she’s stayed up 1,095 nights with a sick or fussy child and changed 17,520 diapers.  I’m tired, aren’t you?  It sounds like drudgery doesn’t it?  But the rewards of being a mom are overwhelming.  After six kids, sixteen  grandchildren and now her first great-grandchild, Judy will be happy to tell  you how to stay focused and keep your eye on the “prize.”


I Wish I Were a Butterfly

 Do you ever wish you’d been born differently?  Darker eyes, lighter hair, taller, shorter, athletic, studious, out-going……? and the list goes on and on.   Former librarian, Judy will read James Howe’s classic children’s story, I Wish I Were a Butterfly and apply these biblical principles to your life.  You’ll soon see that God made you unique and special.  You are “one of a kind” and  He has a plan for you.

Copies of “I Wish I Were a Butterfly” available for purchase.



Heart Event at Camp Pendleton

Few people would deny that life today is just plain hard and it’s double hard when you’re talking about military personnel and their families.  We face unsettling circumstances and we need a strong foundation, now more than ever.  Judy encourages women of all ages through her delightful candor as she shares her life as a former military brat and military wife.

From candid personal stories, you’ll soon see that she’s living proof that God can help you change your life.  

Click on link below to see an exerpt of the Heart
Event at Camp Pendleton October 6, 2012.
You can order a CD of the entire message at


 “The Heart of Christmas”

As a former librarian, Judy’s dramatic reading of Leo Tolstoy’s story “Martin The Cobbler” will help your audience focus on the real meaning of Christmas. 

Includes a handout; your
check list for reaching out to others.
(Based on Matthew 25:35-40)





 Judy makes herself available for questions and counseling at all events.  Ask her how to add this element into your event.  This will not  just meet the needs of the women in your audience, but you will have a method for follow up.   

























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