2018 Calendar

March 14, 2018, Wednesday, 11:45 am
Downey Women’s Connection Luncheon
Los Amigos Golf Club
7295 Quill Drive
Downey, CA
Keynote Message: Rising Above Life’s Challenges
with a joyful heart
Reservations and Information:
Anna Orozco – 714-408-5047

June 12, 2018, Tuesday, 11:30
Villa Park Orange, Women’s Connection Luncheon
Alta Vista Country Club
777 E. Alta Vista Street
Placentia, CA
Keynote Message: Secure Families in a Shaky World
Reservations and Information:
Sylvia – 951-805-9192

October 2, 2018, Tuesday
Boise and Payette, Idaho Women’s Connections
Luncheon and Dinner meetings
Keynote Messages:  Rising Above Life’s Challenges
with a Joyful Heart

More information to follow soon


October 10, 2018, Wednesday, 11:00 am
Riverside Women’s Connection Luncheon
Canyon Crest Country Club
975 Country Club Drive
Riverside, CA
Keynote Message:  Rising Above Life’s Challenges
with a Joyful Heart
Reservations and Information:
Virginia MacDonald – 951-394-8615

December 11, 2018, Tuesday, 10:00 am
Solana Beach Women’s Connection Brunch
Loma Santa Fe Country Club
1505 Lomas Santa Fe Drive
Solana Beach, CA
Keynote Message:  The Heart of Christmas
Reservations and Information:
Minnie Scott: or 626-676-5421






















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