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IMG_1835     Judy has a heart for women and families.  She travels nationally to share what she knows.  She was married to her dear Richard for 42 plus years and knows one day she will see him again in heaven.  She is the mother of 6 great kids and grandmother to 16 terrific grandkids!  She’s been speaking for over twenty years and the last twelve of those years have included speaking for Stonecroft* where she tells how God changed her and gave her a life with meaning and purpose.  For more information or to find an outreach group in your area go to:   www.stonecroft.org   In addition to speaking for Stonecroft, she is also a Stonecroft Regional Administrator for the San Diego and Orange Counties.

One of her favorite places to speak is for a Stonecroft Heart Event.  These events are for military wives and active duty women that gives them a day of inspiring fun, with food, friendship, connections, gifts and encouraging words.  Judy was a Navy brat and married to a sailor when she was younger.  She will tell you, “When I looked out at all of those young, hopeful faces, I saw myself so many years ago; a 17-year-old girl married with a new baby.  I should have been choosing the college I would attend, or buying my dress for the prom and looking forward to graduation.”   You will hear answers to problems, solutions to troubles;  no matter what the event is, with candid stories, humor and tears she offers hope and encouragement; joy too, even when life is tough.

Judy is a serious coffee drinker.      IMG_1361

     Judy is an author and frequent speaker for womens events of all kinds including luncheons, brunches, dinners, workshops, retreats and conferences.  She especially loves womens retreats.  “At a retreat you build relationships.  Friendships are made and you earn the right to share your life.  You become credible and you’re listened to.”  She was an elementary school librarian for fifteen years and many will tell you her storytelling techniques bring her messages to life.  Some will tell you she’s the best speaker they’ve ever heard.

     She has been published in numerous magazines and has written devotions for Tapestry and Turning Point Devotion magazines.  She has stories in the books, Rest Stops for Busy Moms, Rest Stops for Teachers, Grace Givers; Amazing Stories of Grace in Action and now, her very own newly published book, Secure Families in a Shaky World.  She also writes a column for a local newspaper.

She could eat a whole box of Cheez-its. 

 Her favorite things to do are read to her grandchildren, watch a good mystery and sing with her four daughters.  And if you add to that NOT having to cook dinner, she’ll tell you it’s a perfect day.


  Judy is quick to tell you that she’s like you in many ways.  She’s experienced the heartbreak of divorce, she’s been a single parent wondering how she will pay her bills, she’s answered the door and received a telegram with some really bad news, she’s lost a dear family member to a devastating illness; she was a caregiver for her husband for fifteen years and the list goes on.   Judy has walked in your shoes.  And still she will tell you adamantly, “A Joyful Heart Makes a Cheerful Face.”

   Coming from a broken home Judy especially loves to encourage women to love their husbands and nurture their children.  She will tell you that being a wife, mom and now grandma, are the best jobs in the world.   Her goal is to encourage  women from all walks of life and share the miraculous story of how Jesus changed her life; bringing life, health and hope to you, the heartbeat of your family.

                                                                         Changing lives, little by little.

Stonecroft is a nondenominational, nonprofit Christian organization that provides global leadership in connecting people with God , each other and their communities through a variety of programs, resources and specialized training events.  Their goal is to meet a woman, “where she is, as she is.”  Tens of thousands of volunteers and a full-time staff work together to support their outreach ministries. www.stonecroft.org




  1. Sheryl Taylor says

    I LOVE this lady! =)
    Judy, thank you for serving and equipping women of all ages with practical Godly advice and examples! Your love for the Lord, your family and others is contagious!
    Thank you for setting the example of a Titus 2:3-5 woman!

  2. Hi judy….i came across your site while looking at the stonecroft site! I too, am a speaker for stonecroft and love to share my testimony where ever God takes me. I also have a ministry to reach women searching for Jesus in a very untraditional way…women’s fitness retreats! We call it fitness for your spirit, soul and body. I would love to connect with you and see what our ministries can do together.
    Please visit the website and contact us page. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  3. Judy, I met you while I was working at Turning Point about 10 years ago! Congrats on your book which looks fabulous. WinePress did a really wonderful job on your cover and video. Beautiful and engaging! Well done! I have a book out with Harvest House, 31 Days to a Younger You. I saw on FB that you were doing an event with Dawn Wilson who is mutual friend. Hope the retreat is blessed from start to end!

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  5. Maria Hasinsky says

    Hi Judy, thank you for making a difference in a person life by encouranging to grow in a relationship with God.. I think this is the most wonderful thing.

  6. Sharon Smith says

    Hi Judy! Call me about doing a one day retreat for ACF!!!

    619 445-4106

  7. Jeanne Cesena says

    I would like to know more about being trained as a speaker for Stonecroft.

  8. Hello Nancy,

    I am dismayed that I have not answered this request. My only defense is that I’ve moved twice since the first of the year and changed emails so I didn’t get the notification. I apologize profusely. Please email me at judyspeaksandwrites@gmail.com if you are still interested. Thank you so much, Judy

  9. Nancy,
    I moved and when my email address changed I wasn’t notified of your request. The settings have been updated. If you would still like a book, please let me know at judyspeaksandwrites@gmail.com I apologize for not replying. Judy

  10. Jennifer (Aardsma) Hall says

    Hi Judy! Remember me? ☺️ I came across your website through seeing you on Instagram. I’ve enjoyed reading some of your writings here. Look forward to reading more later. Thanks for your ministry to women. It is so needed. Tell Sarah I said hi! I live in VA with my family, my husband Steve is in the ministry and we just had our 7th child. I have many fond memories of you and your family, going back a lot of years now. God bless you.

  11. Hi Jennifer. Of course I remember you! In fact I was just going through some old Sunday school material and saw that you and John Bradley had won a quiz. We all have very fond memories of our families together. It sounds like you’re doing a fine job. I am so happy for you. God bless you too and I will tell Sarah hi. Maybe our paths will cross one day. My love to you all.

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