Photo Shooting in the 60’s

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Photo Shooting in the 60’s

My oldest daughter and I walk every morning and we’ve never run out of anything to talk about.  This morning she asked me,  “Mom, do you remember when you took David and me to the San Diego Mission de Alcala and out to the bay for pictures when we were little?  You wanted pictures for our Christmas cards one year.”


The memory came back as if it was yesterday.  Yes, I remember.  It was November, 1969 and I think we went out at least two different times.  We had to go on a Sunday because I was a single parent.  I worked full time and Saturday was house cleaning day.  So one Sunday I dressed them in green and we went to the bay and another Sunday it was a blue dress for Melissa (matched her beautiful blue eyes) and a white shirt and red tie for David and we went to the mission.

Melissa told me, “Mom, you were photo shooting before you even knew what that meant.”  I guess I was.  At the time I know I was determined to make a memory.

You know, the older I get the more regrets I have.  Especially when I see what moms are doing today with their children; home schooling, (unheard of in my circle of friends and impossible for a working mom), play groups, soccer and tennis meets, swim club, home groups, MOPS and the list goes on and on.

I dug through a big box of pictures last night and found them.  Thanks Melissa for  encouraging me this morning.  It did my heart good.

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