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madelynne and talent show 2
(Adapted from Grandkids Say the Cutest Things,
by Karen O’Connor – Harvest House Publishers)

My granddaughter, Madelynne, was excited about her solo in her school’s talent show.
She’d been anticipating this night for weeks. She looked absolutely darling
in her shiny top, black leggings, and sparkling pink flip-flops.

As she fidgeted from one foot to the next, in true stagehand style, I applied her
blush and glittering eye shadow. Then I whispered in her ear, “You look like a rock star!”

Madelynne gave me a big, confident smile, tossed her hair back and said, “Grandma,
when I’m famous I’m going to give you a backstage pass.”

I can hardly wait.

Grandchildren are the crown of old (women)
Proverbs 17:6

Changing You, Little by Little.

The Author

I was wife to Richard for over 42 years, mother of 6 and grandmother to 16 sweetie pies. I've been a high school dropout, teenage wife and mom, single working parent, stay at home mom, service rep for the phone company, children's librarian for 16 years, now retired and busy with speaking, teaching, mentoring and counseling. I have been published in four books, Rest Stops for Teachers, Rest Stops for Busy Moms and Grace Givers, Amazing Stories of Grace in Action. My full-length book, Secure Families in a Shaky World has recently been released and is available through, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I am a speaker for Stonecroft Ministries and for conferences, retreats and all other womens' events. You'll often find me training, speaking or mentoring. I absolutely love encouraging women. Oh, if you add to that playing with a grandkid and not having to cook dinner; it's a perfect day. You can hear two of my messages at, click on sermons and then May 19, 2007, Keys to a Joyful Heart and December 6, 2008, The Heart of Christmas.

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