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Each morning I spend an hour with my daughter Melissa jumpstarting our day with a brisk walk. Our path is a beautiful walking trail full of singing birds, scattering rabbits, wildflowers; once we even came upon a honeycomb filled with bees, buried deep in a hidden water main. And then there’s always the occasional person walking their dog.

Today we came upon a tall boy and a short boy on their way to the school bus stop. We’d never seen them before. They must have been taking a short cut. Now, I talk to everyone, teenage boys are no exception.

How ya’ doin’?” I asked.

“Fine,” one of them said. Boys are not known for their huge vocabulary.

Melissa asked, “Are you on your way to the bus stop?”

Another one word reply. “Yeah.”

We asked them what school they attend and sympathized about how early they have to get up to catch the bus. The boys did come out of their one word comfort zone and added that the kids on the bus didn’t make the ride to school very pleasant.

“Well, at least you’ve got each other,” Melissa said.

The tall boy nodded his head solemnly. “Yeah, it’s called the buddy system.”

Yes, indeed. I thought about how rough school bus rides can be for anyone who is a little bit different; you know what I mean, kind of geeky, too short, too tall or maybe real quiet. I’m glad they have each other. That’s what probably has made this school year tolerable.

How about you? Do you have someone who walks the road with you; someone who is a great friend; someone who sticks with you no matter how geeky, how tall, how short or quiet you are? It’s called the buddy system.

“But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”
Proverbs 18:24b NAS

Changing Lives, Little by Little

Love Does

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Love Does  I was relaxing with my daughter at a local coffee shop, a delicious Americano in my hand. We happened to see a young man leave the store and drop a book, with a resounding plop, at the register. He tapped the book with his fist, as if to say to the young barista, “there you go” and skipped out quickly, not saying a word. She looked at us with surprise and said “Oh […]

Aunt Polly and Meatballs

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Aunt Polly and Meatballs             My Aunt Polly is 90 years old.  She is spry, dresses in style, cleans her own house, shovels the snow from her driveway in winter, lives in a two-story house with a basement and travels those stairs several times a day.  She is quite impressive and I want to be just like her.             I recently spent a week in her home.  She spoiled me rotten.  Aunt Polly is my […]

Freeway Lessons

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Freeway Lessons I was driving home today in bumper to bumper traffic. I looked down for a second and yeah, you guessed it. I tapped the guy in front of me. Now I know everyone says tap, but when I say tap, I mean tap. I didn’t have my foot on the accelerator, just on the brake, but you know how you can be rolling and you don’t even realize it?  That’s what happened. Thank […]

Photo Shooting in the 60’s

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Photo Shooting in the 60’s My oldest daughter and I walk every morning and we’ve never run out of anything to talk about.  This morning she asked me,  “Mom, do you remember when you took David and me to the San Diego Mission de Alcala and out to the bay for pictures when we were little?  You wanted pictures for our Christmas cards one year.” The memory came back as if it was yesterday.  Yes, […]

I’m Not Giving You My Key

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I’m Not Giving You My Key My best friend was telling me about her new condo and she was excited. She’d been rooming with a co-worker and this new place was all hers and now she would have privacy, not to mention the pool, the clubhouse, the two bedrooms and two baths. I was excited for her and said excitedly, “Now I can come and visit you.” She said, “Yeah, but I’m not giving you […]

A Man on a Bike

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Encouraging Words

A Man on a Bike I almost missed an opportunity to encourage someone yesterday. Thanks to my daughter Melissa, it didn’t get away from us. You’re going to love this. Melissa and I walk every morning; it’s about a three-mile walk through our neighborhood and then around a lovely lake. We pass a lot of people every day and a lot of times we stop and chat for a minute. Today we saw a man […]


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Encouraging Words

Batter Up! By Richard Scharfenberg Once upon a time, long, long ago, in a land far, far away there was a small and poor country called Sackcloth. Although the people in this country were impoverished, they all found ways of getting involved in their one great love; baseball. Baseball was the national pastime and it was played everywhere. Everyone, young and old alike, played in one of the many leagues that had formed. There was […]


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More Precious Than Jewels “Who can find a capable wife? She is far more precious than jewels.” (Proverbs 31:10) Beth’s recent email is proof of the wise young woman she is. I wish more young women solved their problems like she does. Here’s what she wrote: “Claudia, I don’t know what I do that encourages the distance between Mark and me. Our anniversary is next week, and I only see grounds to observe it, not […]


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Words I spoke at my brother’s memorial in North Olmsted, Ohio.   I’d like to tell you a little bit about my brother Dave. We actually began our lives here in Ohio. In 1953 we moved to California when our Dad was transferred by the Navy. And years later, in 1971 Dave moved his family back to Ohio. Although he loved San Diego and the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful beaches, (one of his favorite […]


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God Will Make a Way Several years ago, I was at choir practice at church. One thing I liked about our rehearsals was that we often spent time in prayer for each other. One evening when we were sharing requests, I was burdened for one of my daughters. She was about to make a decision that was really bad. It was literally breaking my heart and I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t share […]